Writing a persuasive message with AIDA

Writing a persuasive message needs 4 components:

  1. Attention = What? You must get audience attention
  2. Interest = Okay, then what? You continue to build their interest in the subject
  3. Desire = Why? Why should they care, what is in it for them?
  4. Action = How? Okay, I’m sold, what’s next?

Characteristics of a good persuasive message:

  • Visual – use story telling, put them into your shoe, your vision
  • Personal – talk to them directly, not as a group but as an individual, one-to-one
  • Creative – use fresh ideas instead of some cliche, which is boring. And this is the hard part because the longer people get exposed to media, the more likely they’ve seen it before and learn to ignore/skip/forget about it

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