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Ad serving consolidation

Microsoft is buying Aquantive, Yahoo bought RightMedia, Google bought DoubleClick, 24/7 also got acquired. This last month is definitely a crazy one for the ad serving/network industry. Lots of buzz and projected future, huge premium paid for acquisitions.

Javascript link submit in IE6

The problem only occurred if you use Internet Explorer 6 or older. Using href=”javascript:;” and onclick=”some function” will ignore onclick in IE6 (does not happen w/ Firefox). Solution: simply use “javascript:some function;”

Delete small files

Delete small files less than 100Kbytes: “find -size -100k | xargs rm” or find -size -100k -exec rm “{}” “;”

smartctl for ATA drives

If you get this error that device is not supported by running the default command

Solution: add “-d ata” switch

Alexa scrambles traffic data

It’s pretty interesting to see that Alexa is using CSS to scramble site traffic results. Now you cannot select, copy the data and paste into somewhere else because some random numbers are added between the original characters.

The browser sees this:

The code is actually this (if CSS is disabled)

I have not had time to dig deeper into this and it’s just an interesting observation.