launchmany-console 4.3.2beta Usage

Usage: launchmany-console [OPTIONS] [TORRENTDIRECTORY]

If a non-option argument is present it’s taken as the value
of the torrent_dir option.

arguments are –
ip to report to the tracker (has no effect unless you are on the same
local network as the tracker) (defaults to ”)

world-visible port number if it’s different from the one the client
listens on locally (defaults to 0)

minimum port to listen on, counts up if unavailable (defaults to

maximum port to listen on (defaults to 6999)

ip to bind to locally (defaults to ”)

seconds between updates of displayed information (defaults to 0.5)

minutes to wait between requesting more peers (defaults to 300)

minimum number of peers to not do rerequesting (defaults to 20)

number of peers at which to stop initiating new connections (defaults
to 40)

maximum number of connections to allow, after this new incoming
connections will be immediately closed (defaults to 80)

–check_hashes, –no_check_hashes
whether to check hashes on disk (defaults to True)

maximum kB/s to upload at, 0 means no limit (defaults to 20)

the number of uploads to fill out to with extra optimistic unchokes
(defaults to 2)

the maximum number of files in a multifile torrent to keep open at a
time, 0 means no limit. Used to avoid running out of file
descriptors. (defaults to 50)

–start_trackerless_client, –no_start_trackerless_client
Initialize a trackerless client. This must be enabled in order to
download trackerless torrents. (defaults to True)

the maximum number of uploads to allow at once. -1 means a
(hopefully) reasonable number based on –max_upload_rate. The
automatic values are only sensible when running one torrent at a
time. (defaults to 6)

local directory where the torrents will be saved, using a name
determined by –saveas_style. If this is left empty each torrent will
be saved under the directory of the corresponding .torrent file
(defaults to ”)

how often to rescan the torrent directory, in seconds (defaults to

wait this many seconds after noticing a torrent before starting it,
to avoid race with tracker (defaults to 0)

How to name torrent downloads: 1: use name OF torrent file (minus
.torrent); 2: use name encoded IN torrent file; 3: create a directory
with name OF torrent file (minus .torrent) and save in that directory
using name encoded IN torrent file; 4: if name OF torrent file (minus
.torrent) and name encoded IN torrent file are identical, use that
name (style 1/2), otherwise create an intermediate directory as in
style 3; CAUTION: options 1 and 2 have the ability to overwrite files
without warning and may present security issues. (defaults to 4)

–display_path, –no_display_path
whether to display the full path or the torrent contents for each
torrent (defaults to True)

directory to look for .torrent files (semi-recursive) (defaults to

directory under which variable data such as fastresume information
and GUI state is saved. Defaults to subdirectory ‘data’ of the
bittorrent config directory. (defaults to ”)

character encoding used on the local filesystem. If left empty,
autodetected. Autodetection doesn’t work under python versions older
than 2.3 (defaults to ”)

ISO Language code to use: af, bg, ca, cs, da, de, el, en, es, es_MX,
fr, hu, it, ja, ko, nb_NO, nl, pl, pt, pt_BR, ro, ru, sk, sl, sv, tr,
vi, zh_CN, zh_TW (defaults to ”)

number of seconds to pause between sending keepalives (defaults to

how many bytes to query for per request. (defaults to 16384)

maximum length prefix encoding you’ll accept over the wire – larger
values get the connection dropped. (defaults to 8388608)

seconds to wait between closing sockets which nothing has been
received on (defaults to 300.0)

seconds to wait between checking if any connections have timed out
(defaults to 60.0)

maximum length slice to send to peers, close connection if a larger
request is received (defaults to 16384)

maximum time interval over which to estimate the current upload and
download rates (defaults to 20.0)

maximum time interval over which to estimate the current seed rate
(defaults to 100.0)

maximum time to wait between retrying announces if they keep failing
(defaults to 1800)

seconds to wait for data to come in over a connection before assuming
it’s semi-permanently choked (defaults to 30.0)

number of downloads at which to switch from random to rarest first
(defaults to 4)

how many bytes to write into network buffers at once. (defaults to

–retaliate_to_garbled_data, –no_retaliate_to_garbled_data
refuse further connections from addresses with broken or
intentionally hostile peers that send incorrect data (defaults to

–one_connection_per_ip, –no_one_connection_per_ip
do not connect to several peers that have the same IP address
(defaults to True)

if nonzero, set the TOS option for peer connections to this value
(defaults to 8)

–bad_libc_workaround, –no_bad_libc_workaround
enable workaround for a bug in BSD libc that makes file reads very
slow. (defaults to False)

address of HTTP proxy to use for tracker connections (defaults to ”)

close connections with RST and avoid the TCP TIME_WAIT state
(defaults to 0)

Use Twisted network libraries for network connections. 1 means use
twisted, 0 means do not use twisted, -1 means autodetect, and prefer
twisted (defaults to -1)

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