Solar stuff

Solar: still try to use the deep-cycle battery bought from Walmart on Dec/2012, probably not holding charge too good. Bought a 100W panel from Amazon (Renogy) and a Xantrex 2000W sin-wave inverter. Use biz to finance this project as a solar backup server. Will likely buy 2 Trojan T105 6V batteries to replace the generic deep cycle. Update: ended up using 2x Costco GC2 6-volt battery since Feb 2015. Pretty much dead by Feb 2019, likely because discharged too low a few times (summer was fine, problem is cloudy days during winter, inverter shut down, then tried direct USB, which also drain batteries. @todo replace w/ 4x Costco GC2 6volt to get about 400Ah.

Power power usage of some USB devices:

– Blink Module: 0.1amp (0.46 watt @5V)
– Cell phone charging (Moto G4): around 1 – 1.5amp
– Yi Camera: 0.25amp
– Amazon Echo dot:
– Google mini: 0.25amp
– Wifi hotspot Dlink DWR330: 0.25amp

4x 6-volt battery config:

– Sizing panel + battery: charging rate 10% (rule of thumb 5% to 13%)
225Ah x 2 x 12V x 10% x 1.2 = 648W
– Usage: 1 hotspot, 2 cameras, 1 blink module


– Jan 6, 2019 update: battery too low, controller shut off, will need to recharge battery manually w/ generator. Wonder if because hooking up to the inverter (ghost load) or just becoz cloudy and rain w/o sunshine.


Llagas Well Pump: – installed 11/14/2012

  • Grundflos 16S10-10
  • Motor: Franklin Electric 4″ 650Lb thrust
  • 9Amps, 1HP, 230V, 1 phase, 3 wire
  • 20GPM
  • Pressure tank: Flexcon IC266, switch 40 psi cut-in, 60 psi cut-out
  • Well: 5″ inside diameter, 300′ depth, depth of standing water: 48′, pump setting: 160′, drop pipe size: 1.25 sch 80 PVC w/ SS couplings, wire: #10 flat jacket w/ ground






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