How to make a cheap tomato cage

You can buy the small and flimsy one at the store. Walmart, HomeDepot all has 42″ tall for $2. The strong one are selling online for about $20. Or you can make a super strong one for about $4 each. What I got is a wire mesh from Home Depot. $7.65 makes 2 cages that fits the inside of a 15 gallon plastic pots perfectly, or the outside of a 5-gallon bucket. Steps:

  1. Use bolt cutter to cut it in half
  2. Roll it into a circle (in small segments, need patience and a little strength)
  3. Secure the two ends

You might want to cut the bottom ring so they become straight stakes to drive into a filled container. Or if you put the cage into the container first then you don’t have to cut the bottom ring.







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