Retina Macbook Pro – First impressions

Got mine 2 days ago. Here is what I like:

  • Fast! Open apps almost instantly thanks to SSDs
  • Retina is very sharp, almost too sharp and many apps or logos turn blurry because of the high resolution. Viewing photos from D800 is fantastic, very sharp and the colors are extremely vivid. Love it!
  • Illuminated keyboard, very nice when the environment is a little bit dark or you don’t have enough ambient light
  • Lighter than my old unibody MacBook 13″ (no optical)
  • Mail 6 is definitely better than older Mail on my old MB, very easy to setup and threaded like Gmail.


  • Upgradability is low. I knew this so started with a better CPU and more RAM (16G). Hopefully it lasts me a bit longer. I think Apple understands this so upgrade pricing is decent and not too expensive.
  • No optical drive, I do need files from DVD from time to time. I guess I cannot have everything. It’s an okay removal and I still have other options for this.
  • Firefox is still blurry. This is a problem with Firefox, not Apple, so I’m switching to Chrome. Other older apps have blurry text (eg: KeepassX)

Overall, it’s a great machine and I think Apple is doing a great job going for the ridiculous Retina resolution. Other vendors will have to get there, just a matter of time. They’re in a great position: they control the price and they control the market share. What else do you ask for. And they keep going for the edge. Too bad I don’t have any AAPL 🙂






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  1. Matt Reid Avatar

    nice review, been thinking of getting one myself but I can’t not run fedora on my personal laptop due to business requirements (and a VM in fullscreen mode w/ retina is asking for problems)… btw, if you want AAPL stock now is the time to buy — it’s low!

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