TextMate – Search in project

Several issues I would suggest to the developer:
1) When searching, there is no status/progress indicator (or the button flashing very lightly that I do not notice, but a turning icon would be much nicer). For a large project with over 1000 files, one would wonder if these are all the result or it’s still searching.
2) There is no total/summary that let you know how many matches found.
3) The Replace All option is very nice, however, it does not save the files yet and the icon will be grayed out (if you open its folder). Otherwise, you would not know. Some files are not saved, even if you close all the file windows. You would need to click Save All to save the changes. Even though it should not save the file automatically and an explicit user action is required, an indicator of the project status would be nice.
4) If the result has a long text line, there is no horizontal scroll bar

It’s a great editor and I quite easy to work with.







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