Convert from PC to MacBook for a developer

With the new nicely looking MacBook and an old PC, plus some decent deals on Amazon, it’s a good time to switch. After a couple days, this will be a productivity improvement. Many packages are available and ready to use, like svn, httpd. Here is maybe a list of things I did for a conversion:

  • Install the LAMP stack: Apache/httpd (already ready, just need to enable on System Preferences, edit the httpd.conf for fine-tuning and remove modules), MySQL (download the package from and setup a plist file for launchd, a better approach to start/stop services), PHP (only need to uncomment a line in httpd.conf)
  • Setup SVN (already as a bundle in TextMate, moving repositories from PC with svnadmin dump, quite simple)
  • Install TextMate (on PC, I use EditPlus, so this is similar, or even better, IDE is not my thing, too bloated, no matter how nice)
  • Setup Spaces (esp. the application assignment): this makes up for the smaller screensize (13.3″)
  • KeePassX: a port from Keepass, an open source project, looking for its iPhone coming up
  • Terminal: customize the preferences to your favorite colors (for many devs, probably a dark background). This is one of the many things that draw me to a Mac, a familiar command-line together w/ a beautiful/elegant GUI.







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