Custom 404 page & IE quirk

If the 404 Not Found custom page is empty or has less than 512 characters (any characters), IE will returns its default error page. If it’s more than a limit, the custom page will be used. This does not happen in Firefox or Opera. Also different HTTP error codes have different limits. Here are some:

400 (Bad Request) 512 bytes
403 (Forbidden) 256 bytes
404 (Not Found) 512 bytes
405 (Method Not Allowed) 256 bytes
406 (Not Acceptable) 512 bytes
408 (Request Time-out) 512 bytes
409 (Conflict) 512 bytes
410 (Gone) 256 bytes
500 (Internal Server Error) 512 bytes
501 (Not Implemented) 512 bytes
505 (HTTP Version Not Supported) 512 bytes






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