Ideas for Google

BACKGROUND: Google is the prime example of a late best mover. Do what your competitors already do and do it better. Their mission is to organize the world’s information so that it’ll be useful and universally accessible. Their organization’s culture is open to experiment new ideas/projects.

IDEA #1: Google Auctions
To keep up their mission, the propose is to offer auctions through Google/Froggle. Either (1) entering a partnership with eBay, Yahoo! Auctions, uBid (major online marketplaces) to integrate current auctions with search results (with details and not simply an affiliate link to eBay site) or even more ambitious, (2) providing auction services like eBay. Problem with (2): what improvements can be done to eBay, a pretty good system in my opinion? The idea may have been investigated by Google but we, the public, have not seen it. This business plan will be proposed to Google’s as new project to the expanding portfolio.

IDEA #2: Google Portal (scrapped, they already have it, but could be improved)

IDEA #3: Google Dating – Search for people or dating, maybe something like the social network,, not that new.

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