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MySQL database of geographical countries

MySQL database for geographical regions

Full file: uploads/georegions.txt

Geographical city MySQL database

Full File: uploads/geocities.txt

MySQL replication problem with 5.0.46-48

For CentOS 4.x, if you want MySQL 5.0.x then you would probably use CentOS Plus. And the current MySQL distribution goes with it is often 5.0.46 or 5.0.48, they both have a problem when acting as a slave replication. At every reboot, the replication breaks because the relay log and some other important files is saved into /var/run/mysqld, which get erased every reboot. Not very nice and the bug has been filed with MySQL. To fix, you need to explicitly set the correct file path:

# to fix mysql replication problem every reboot
# Source: http://arjen-lentz.livejournal.com/115899.html
relay-log = /var/lib/mysql/relay-bin
relay-log-index = /var/lib/mysql/relay-bin.index
relay-log-info-file = /var/lib/mysql/relay-bin.info

Updating fields in Microsoft Word

To update a cross-reference field, click it and press F9. If you want to update all of the fields in your document, press Ctrl+A to select the entire document before pressing F9.