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Social networking

Just playing with different social network (Facebook, LinkedIn) even I signed up for them a long time to see what I’ve been missing. And I see a reason for using them. Keeping connected with friends is definitely not new, by email, phone, meeting, etc. But it’s time consuming, especially with your larger network. This is where these networks come in and make simple social interactions simpler and quicker. But ideally, you wish all your friends/contacts were on the same network and one network has all the features.

Challenges in hiring

Managing human resource is difficult, very difficult. I believe anyone runs a business would look at job hunting, resumes, cover letter, and everything about working for someone differently. For starter, determine which channels would be the best to announce your job posting, some costs nothing yet very effective, some are expensive yet yield little. Then, determine if the person is right for the job is also hard, but more fun nevertheless, knowing a new person at both professional and personal level. Next, motivate people and retain them at your company is the hardest part. Everything changes and people change, their needs, situation change and the company has to deal with it. However, a small team of highly motivated employees can do wonders, 10 work as effective as 50. Small and productive is always better than large yet inefficient. Company at any level, small startup or large corporation, has its own set of problems. Isn’t business all about solving problems and exploits the opportunity?