Month: July 2007

  • Ubuntu Feisty (7.04) & D-Link DWL 122

    Cannot get WPA to work. The driver comes with linux-wlan-ng does not support WPA and only show WEP

  • Custom 404 page & IE quirk

    If the 404 Not Found custom page is empty or has less than 512 characters (any characters), IE will returns its default error page. If it’s more than a limit, the custom page will be used. This does not happen in Firefox or Opera. Also different HTTP error codes have different limits. Here are some:…

  • Windows Vista hangs randomly

    It really sucks, I wish I ordered the Dell E521 with Windows XP or Ubuntu Linux instead. It’s probably not too late since I’ll setup dual boot with Ubuntu now. Among that, Vista has a lot of problem with counter-intuitive interface, compatibility issue with hardware. When I started to download a file, it freezes (saw…

  • Custom error pages in lighttpd

    Have this in your lighttpd.conf server.errorfile-prefix = “/home/errorpages/” Create this folder, create the files 404.html, 500.html, 403.html, etc. and lighttpd will deliver these file instead of the default message. The response header code is also correct.