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Ubuntu Feisty (7.04) & D-Link DWL 122

Cannot get WPA to work. The driver comes with linux-wlan-ng does not support WPA and only show WEP

Custom 404 page & IE quirk

If the 404 Not Found custom page is empty or has less than 512 characters (any characters), IE will returns its default error page. If it’s more than a limit, the custom page will be used. This does not happen in Firefox or Opera. Also different HTTP error codes have different limits. Here are some:

400 (Bad Request) 512 bytes
403 (Forbidden) 256 bytes
404 (Not Found) 512 bytes
405 (Method Not Allowed) 256 bytes
406 (Not Acceptable) 512 bytes
408 (Request Time-out) 512 bytes
409 (Conflict) 512 bytes
410 (Gone) 256 bytes
500 (Internal Server Error) 512 bytes
501 (Not Implemented) 512 bytes
505 (HTTP Version Not Supported) 512 bytes

Windows Vista hangs randomly

It really sucks, I wish I ordered the Dell E521 with Windows XP or Ubuntu Linux instead. It’s probably not too late since I’ll setup dual boot with Ubuntu now.

Among that, Vista has a lot of problem with counter-intuitive interface, compatibility issue with hardware. When I started to download a file, it freezes (saw the blue-screen-of-death at least twice and countless times it just hangs). Some people say it’s the drivers but I thought Dell should have tested what they put into their machine/model. Thumb way down for Vista and I recommend AGAINST Vista, you don’t get more of anything positive, just more problems! Microsoft is really losing their grip!

Custom error pages in lighttpd

Have this in your lighttpd.conf

server.errorfile-prefix = “/home/errorpages/”

Create this folder, create the files 404.html, 500.html, 403.html, etc. and lighttpd will deliver these file instead of the default message. The response header code is also correct.