Centos and BOINC/World Community Grid

There are RPM packages for Fedora but doesn’t seem one for CentOS. There is no updated instructions on running BOINC client via command line.

1) Download and run boinc_6.2.15_i686-pc-linux-gnu.sh
2) Run "./boinccmd –project_attach www.worldcommunitygrid.org " 
(Log into WCG, the key can be found on menu My Profile, near the bottom)
4) Run "./run_client --daemon" to begin the client
5) Check "tail stdoutdae.txt -f" for output

You might need to install these for dependencies:

yum install libXcomposite
yum install libXdamage

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  1. 5:34 pm, April 26, 2012woolie  / Reply

    see here:

    Installing World Community Grid on a Headless Ubuntu Server

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