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Benchmark xtrabackup streaming option tar.gz vs. tar

time innobackupex –databases=”mydb” –stream=tar ./ –slave-info > /var/lib/mysql/snapshot_mydb.tar

time innobackupex –databases=”mydb” –stream=tar ./ –slave-info | gzip – > /var/lib/mysql/snapshot_mydb.tar.gz

TAR: filesize 5.4Gb
real 0m52.633s
user 0m0.900s
sys 0m29.860s

TAR.GZ: filesize 350Mb
real 2m26.606s
user 3m40.261s
sys 0m28.829s

And during the dump, tar.gz locks tables. Thus, for a big database, a better solution would be just tar, then compress before sending


If you found the server suddenly blocks access when you try to “svn commit”, it might be because of OSSEC active response, which is good but a false alarm in this case (too many 404). Solution: many, but mine is just simply turn OSSEC off while committing and back on later. I don’t rename files that often.