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Autobench, httperf – Web Server Benchmarking

Automate the benchmarking process for new/existing server:

# need to install autobench and httperf
autobench –single_host –host1 localhost –uri1 /stresstest/simple.php –low_rate 1000 –high_rate 10000 –rate_step 100 –const_test_time 20 –timeout 5 –quiet –file results.tsv

# graph the results in PostScript file (Mac Mail can preview this automatically)
rm -f results.ps && bench2graph results.tsv results.ps 4 5 6 7 8

# send the graph via email for simplicity (“mutt” can send email attachment via command line)
mutt -s “Autobench – Graph Results” -a results.ps root@localhost < results.tsv