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I hate iPhotos

When I got my first Mac, which is the alum MacBook, I got really excited on using iPhotos and imported nearly 10,000 photos from different collections. The default setting is to use a single library file to manage everything. Importing is very simple and that’s why it’s deadly. Now the problems I have with iPhotos: very inconvenient when sharing with PC, exporting does not write EXIF tags so your taken time are not preserved, which is really terrible. Now I cannot search on how to switch existing photos from using an iPhoto database to an external source (photos are stored as their own files). There are some photo workflows to do this but it’s very tedious and not practical for the number of events and photos I have.

From my experience, I find that Mac software have huge hype that attract users, like me, but they’re not the best or perfect by any measures and filled with bugs, defects, and feature requests. I guess I was led into believing that software on Mac somehow just works, like many Mac fanboys would like you to believe. I should know from my own experience as a software developer, no software is perfect, no matter on which platform.

Vietnamese Vegetables

I just started gardening two years ago and it’s been so much fun. I’m trying to grow more food that my family eat, which are Vietnamese dishes. Being in California makes it a bit easier, although it could be cold for some of these tender plants.

These are some vegetable plants eaten in popular Vietnamese dishes:

  1. Bo ngot, or rau ngot (katuk): soup
  2. Dau rong (winged bean): fresh or quick stir-fry
  3. Bac ha (Alocasia odora, Night-scented Lily or giant upright elephant ear): soup
  4. Dau bap (okra)
  5. Mong toi (malabar spinach)
  6. Ngo om:
  7. Ngo gai (culantro)
  8. Tia to
  9. Rau que (basil, thai basil)
  10. Tan o (edible chrysanthemum, garland chrysanthemum)
  11. Bi dao
  12. Muop dang, kho qua (bitter gourd, bitter melon)