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Gotta love Ubuntu

I manage many Linux servers (CentOS) but never tried or considered to use Linux on desktop as a main option. Today, I tried Ubuntu on an existing Vista PC and installation as a virtual machine without any partitioning is the bomb. It makes trying out Ubuntu (in additional to Live CD) a breeze, really simple! Kudos to the Ubuntu teams. The way things work also very similar to Windows (though Macs are different for sure). Microsoft should be worry, for many many users, Ubuntu will be more than enough and user-friendly enough. Just like Mac OSX, it’s easy to use and yet if you need to look under the hood, you can also easily to so. Competition is indeed healthy, now we have a browser war (I installed and use Firefox, IE, Safari, Chrome, Opera on a frequent basis), and an OS war (Linux, Win, MacOS).

Aluminum MacBook review from a PC guy

I’ve been using PC for a long time and only played with a Mac occasionally. I had doubts before the switch. But last month was the first time I fully switched to a Mac. It took some time to get used to the new keyboards, but other than that, I love it. The convenience of a Unix-based OS with an excellent GUI combines the best of both worlds. I’d glad to see that Apple’s products are going mainstream. Great products with smart/creative marketing strategies is the best combination. I’m now telling my friends about Apple more than before (just like I did with Google and now they’re the big brother we’re all afraid of).

alias with argument in bash shell

Instead of running “ssh -p 1234 -l shelluser serverX.example.com”, you could do “myssh serverX”. To do that, you can put this into your .bash_profile as an alias:

sshas() { ssh -p 1234 -l shelluser “$1”.example.com; }