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Simple local backup with rsync on Windows

If you already have rsync setup as a client on your Windows PC, you can also let it send files to any local folder/drive. In my case, I want to backup data on my PC to a USB drive.

ECHO Backing up the hard drive (eg: C:\DATA) to a USB drive (G:)
cd c:\
rsync.exe -a --progress Photos ../g/Backup


I saw the news broadcast on TV the other day and they mentioned CrimeReports.com and I have to say it’s a very nice public service, don’t know what’s their business model just yet. It provides useful information about the police calls for all residents. Just put in a zipcode and you find a visual listing of crimes around the area. It’s very easy to use with all the web 2.0 techniques. It would definitely help improve the security as more people are aware of what is going on around their neighborhood and report to the police appropriately.

Solar lighting

We bought a few boxes of Brinkmann Endura Coach solar light, they have a good classic look and the light are good when it’s on. The photocells are kinda unreliable, within 2-3 weeks and already at times they would not turn on at night. Guess you get what you pay for.