Month: August 2007

  • Shell script to check basic info

    root@xx [/scripts]# more #!/bin/sh echo “Uptime:” uptime echo “Disk free:” df -kh echo “Apache Processes:” ps -C ‘httpd’ | wc -l echo “MySQL Processes:” ps -C ‘mysqld’ | wc -l host=`host YOURDOMAIN.COM | awk ‘{print $4}’` one=`netstat -n –tcp | grep $host | wc -l` total=`netstat -n –tcp | wc -l` wait=`netstat -n –tcp…

  • iftop – bandwidth usage

    If you have never used iftop, you should, it’s beautiful, interactive, full of info. It showed us the bottle neck for a worker and boy, how easy that was comparing to having to monitoring the bandwidth through rrdtool (not real-time) or ifconfig. It’s really easy for a load balancer to saturate a much bigger pipe…

  • Google AdSense expands into ad serving

    Just notice a few site that serves 3rd party ads through Google AdSense. With the acquisition of DoubleClick and its general direction, there is no doubt that Google will expand into the generic ad serving business. Searching for “gampad” yields no related result. I guess it’s still in beta testing.