Month: March 2007

  • Testing with older version of IE

    If your computer has upgraded to IE7, and people are reporting design issues in IE6 or lower, you can download and run standalone version of older IE’s to test and fix the design. There is no installation to do, only run the program.

  • tmpwatch – Clean up your temp files

    If your temporary files are growing too many too quick (say the working file of mod_gzip, sessions), there is an easy solution to clean up. Run: root# tmpwatch 1 /dev/shm/mod_gzip This cleans up the file that have not been accessed for one hour. See man tmpwatch for more information

  • Install or recompile mmcache

    This is old material as you should be using eAccelerator now. Install from source or best yet, RPM). This is for reference or for those who have not made the switch. Instructions Step 1. Compiling Turck MMCache run “make clean” first if recompiling export PHP_PREFIX=”/usr” $PHP_PREFIX/bin/phpize ./configure –enable-mmcache=shared –with-php-config=$PHP_PREFIX/bin/php-config make You must specify the real…

  • mod_dosevasive Configuration

    DOSHashTableSize The hash table size defines the number of top-level nodes for each child’s hash table. Increasing this number will provide faster performance by decreasing the number of iterations required to get to the record, but consume more memory for table space. You should increase this if you have a busy web server. The value…