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Startup equity basics

Par value has no relationship to the market value of a stock. The original purpose of this requirement was to protect creditors by specifying a permanent amount of capital (called legal capital)that owners could not withdraw before a bankruptcy which would leave creditors with an empty shell.

Sales of the same class of stock made at or about the same time must be at the same price or the party purchasing at the lower price may have to recognize income on the difference.

SQL World Cities Database

Some data sets about world cities we no longer use

Full file: cities.txt

man ps – process status

-O         is preloaded "-o"
-c         different scheduler info for -l option
-f         does full listing
-j         jobs format
-l         long format
-o         user-defined format
-y         do not show flags; show rss in place of addr
O          is preloaded "o" (overloaded)
X          old Linux i386 register format
j          job control format
l          display long format
o          specify user-defined format
s          display signal format
u          display user-oriented format
v          display virtual memory format
--format   user-defined format

A simple Taconite usage

We were testing Taconite a long time ago and this is a basic usage. Since we now use an internal AJAX framework, we release this snippet so someone might get an idea how to use this framework. It’s nothing fancy, only a simple snippet.

usleep & CPU usage

If you’re making a PHP client-server script using a loop to capture events and process data. The CPU usage might be significant. In our test environment, it consumes 50% CPU cycles constantly. A quick and simple fix: add usleep() of about 100-500ms before looping again so it’s still interactive with users yet allow CPU to do something else useful.