Month: January 2007

  • Misterious 500 – Internal Server Error

    This is a very generic error but it means there is some critical issue with the server. One time we experienced with this because our codebase was getting heavier and the default value of memory_limit=8M in php.ini wasn’t enough. Solution: increase this value to something higher

  • MySQL replication & a full disk

    To avoid the nasty mess because of a full hard drive, make sure your log files are in control. Things run really wild without diskspace! If you’re running MySQL replication, run “PURGE MASTER LOGS TO ‘yourbinlogname-bin.00x’” or “PURGE MASTER LOGS BEFORE ‘2007-05-30 10:10:10’;” to safely remove the logs before X. Make sure it’s a number…

  • XML Encoding in IE vs. Firefox

    If you experience “An Invalid character was found in text content.” error message when loading an XML document in IE but not in Firefox, you might have use some special character that is invalid according to the default UTF-8 encoding in IE. To correct, specify encoding=”iso-8859-1″ or check this link out for more details: XML…

  • Unzip .dz dictionary files

    If you want to uncompress a .dz file, try to search for dictzip (available in Linux & under cygwin for Windows). It will extract the compressed file into a plain-text file for your further manipulation. Usage: dictzip –decompress