Month: December 2006

  • Pay-Per-Click Services

    Recently we got a few promotion coupons to try out a few new PPC services from LookSmart, and Microsoft’s AdCenter and together with Yahoo! Search Marketing (what a bad name for a product, Overture would be much better) found that none has the same level of sophistication or put enough thought into designing a…

  • Javascript regular expression in Opera

    The following Javascript code works in Firefox & Internet Explorer but not in Opera. Different browsers interpret Javascript code differently. $pTxt = $pTxt.replace(/(.|\n)+/g,”); This code works in all three. $pTxt = $pTxt.replace(/[\s\S]+/g,”);

  • Getting spammed

    Getting quite a few spam into our support ticket system. Many with email address ***, guess someone is getting paid to submit spam to everything they can (ticket systems, guestbooks, blogs). These guys also use open proxies, those that might not send spam (so the block lists are not reporting them) but allow submission of…