Month: April 2006

  • LVS-Tun & ISPs

    LVS is a software load balancing solution. It’s open-source software, built directly in Linux kernel and it’s free. The director (load balancer) can be in one DC, and the real servers are in different DCs. The director only needs good bandwidth, Pentium 4 or even P3 is fine since it’s Layer 4 switching (less overhead…

  • Dual Opteron 248

    Just got another ad server, Dual Opteron 248, 2GB RAM, 36 G SCSI. Running the test suite. This seems like a powerful machine. AMD is winning the heart and mind of the web hosting world.

  • CRC32 hash collision

    I was trying to use CRC32() to uniquely identify distinctive domain names because it’s probably the most economical in MySQL datatype (int only takes 4 bytes) comparing to MD5() as a 32-char string. However, it seems hash collisions with CRC32 occur too frequently. Just in a set of about 800k string, got a bunch of…

  • Housing Booms, Busts, and Where Opportunities Occur

    Robert Kiyosaki “Is there a real estate bubble?” That’s the question I’m asked repeatedly. When I reply honestly — “I hope so” — my questioners’ fear occasionally turns into anger. There are seven stages of a financial bubble. read more | digg story