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FreeNX is cool

If you ever need to access a CentOS (RHEL for that matter) server remotely, use FreeNX. It’s very easy to install, just follow the instructions on this page:


Just a note, you can leave the authentication via password (assuming you have a strong one) instead of a key-based pass-through authentication. The instructions are still pretty much the same, only you don’t have to perform some steps.

Performance: wow, it’s pretty fast and it looks just the same as my own desktop. I’m using the NoMachine Client for Ubuntu 8.10.

Gotta love Ubuntu

I manage many Linux servers (CentOS) but never tried or considered to use Linux on desktop as a main option. Today, I tried Ubuntu on an existing Vista PC and installation as a virtual machine without any partitioning is the bomb. It makes trying out Ubuntu (in additional to Live CD) a breeze, really simple! Kudos to the Ubuntu teams. The way things work also very similar to Windows (though Macs are different for sure). Microsoft should be worry, for many many users, Ubuntu will be more than enough and user-friendly enough. Just like Mac OSX, it’s easy to use and yet if you need to look under the hood, you can also easily to so. Competition is indeed healthy, now we have a browser war (I installed and use Firefox, IE, Safari, Chrome, Opera on a frequent basis), and an OS war (Linux, Win, MacOS).